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COBS rules (from November 2007)

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APER 1.2 Purpose

APER 2.1 The Statements of Principle

APER 2.1A The Statements of Principle

APER 3.3 Factors relating to Statements of Principle 5 to 7

APER 4.1 Statement of Principle 1

APER 4.2 Statement of Principle 2

APER 4.3 Statement of Principle 3

APER 4.4 Statement of Principle 4

APER 4.5 Statement of Principle 5

APER 4.6 Statement of Principle 6

APER 4.7 Statement of Principle 7

PRIN 2.1 The Principles

COBS 1 Application

COBS 1.1 The general application rule

COBS 1 Annex 1 Application (see COBS 1.1.2R)

COBS 2 Conduct of business obligations

COBS 2.1 Acting honestly, fairly and professionally

COBS 2.2 Information disclosure before providing services

COBS 2.3 Inducements

COBS 2.4 Agent as client and reliance on others

COBS 2.5 Optional additional products

COBS 3 Client categorisation

COBS 3.1 Application

COBS 3.2 Clients

COBS 3.3 General notifications

COBS 3.4 Retail clients

COBS 3.5 Professional clients

COBS 3.6 Eligible counterparties

COBS 3.7 Providing clients with a higher level of protection
COBS 3.8 Policies, procedures and records

COBS 4 Communicating with clients, including financial promotions

COBS 4.1 Application

COBS 4.2 Fair, clear and not misleading communications

COBS 4.3 Financial promotions to be identifiable as such

COBS 4.4 Compensation information

COBS 4.5 Communicating with retail clients

COBS 4.6 Past, simulated past and future performance
COBS 4.7 Direct offer financial promotions

COBS 4.8 Cold calls and other promotions that are not in writing

COBS 4.9 Financial promotions with an overseas element

COBS 4.10 Systems and controls and approving and communicating financial promotions

COBS 4.11 Record keeping: financial promotion

COBS 4.12 Restrictions on the promotion of non-mainstream pooled investments


COBS 5 Distance communications

COBS 5.1 The distance marketing disclosure rules

COBS 5.2 E-Commerce

COBS 5 Annex 1 Distance marketing information

COBS 5 Annex 2 Abbreviated distance marketing disclosure

COBS 6 Information about the firm, its services and remuneration

COBS 6.1 Information about the firm and compensation information

COBS 6.1A Adviser charging and remuneration

COBS 6.1B Retail investment product provider and platform service provider requirements relating to

 adviser charging and remuneration

COBS 6.1C Consultancy charging and remuneration

COBS 6.1D Product provider requirements relating to consultancy charging and remuneration

COBS 6.1E Platform service providers

COBS 6.1F Using a platform service for arranging and advising

COBS 6.1G Re-registration of title to retail investment products

COBS 6.2 Describing the breadth of a firm's personal recommendations

COBS 6.2A Describing advice services

COBS 6.3 Disclosing information about services, fees and commission – packaged products

COBS 6.4 Disclosure of charges, remuneration and commission

COBS 6 Annex 1 Initial disclosure document described in COBS 6.3.7G (1)

COBS 6 Annex 2 Combined initial disclosure document described in COBS 6.3

COBS 6 Annex 3 (Menu described in COBS 6.3)

COBS 6 Annex 4 Identifying and describing the maximum rate of commission (or equivalent), the market average and the  Example

COBS 6 Annex 5 Calculation of a maximum rate of commission

COBS 6 Annex 6 Calculating commission equivalent

COBS 7 Insurance mediation

COBS 7.1 Application

COBS 7.2 Information to be provided by the insurance intermediary

COBS 8 Client agreements

COBS 8.1 Client agreements: designated investment business

COBS 9 Suitability (including basic advice)

COBS 9.1 Application and purpose provisions

COBS 9.2 Assessing suitability (KYC)

COBS 9.3 Guidance on assessing suitability

COBS 9.4 Suitability reports

COBS 9.5 Record keeping and retention periods for suitability records

COBS 9.6 Special rules for giving basic advice on a stakeholder product

COBS 9 Annex 1 Basic advice initial disclosure information

COBS 9 Annex 2 Sales processes for stakeholder products

COBS 10 Appropriateness (for non-advised services)

COBS 10.1 Application and purpose provisions

COBS 10.2 Assessing appropriateness: the obligations

COBS 10.3 Warning the client

COBS 10.4 Assessing appropriateness: when it need not be done

COBS 10.5 Assessing appropriateness: guidance

COBS 10.6 When a firm need not assess appropriateness

COBS 10.7 Record keeping and retention periods for appropriateness records

COBS 11 Dealing and managing

COBS 11.1 Application

COBS 11.2 Best execution

COBS 11.3 Client order handling

COBS 11.4 Client limit orders

COBS 11.5 Record keeping: client orders and transactions

COBS 11.6 Use of dealing commission

COBS 11.7 Personal account dealing

COBS 11.8 Recording telephone conversations and electronic communications

COBS 12 Investment research

COBS 12.1 Purpose and application
COBS 12.2 Investment research

COBS 12.3 Non-independent research

COBS 12.4 Research recommendations: required disclosures

COBS 13 Preparing product information

COBS 13.1 The obligation to prepare product information

COBS 13.2 Product information: production standards, form and contents

COBS 13.3 Contents of a key features document

COBS 13.4 Contents of a key features illustration

COBS 13.5 Preparing product information: other projections

COBS 13.6 Preparing product information: changes to adviser and consultancy charges

COBS 13 Annex 1 The Consolidated Life Directive Information

COBS 13 Annex 2 Projections

COBS 13 Annex 3 Charges information for a packaged product

COBS 13 Annex 4 Charges information for a personal pension scheme and a stakeholder pension

COBS 14 Providing product information to clients

COBS 14.1 Interpretation

COBS 14.2 Providing product information to clients
COBS 14.3 Information about designated investments

COBS 14.4 Provision of information by an intermediate Unitholder
COBS 14 Annex 1 Lifetime ISA information

COBS 15 Cancellation

COBS 15.1 Application

COBS 15.2 The right to cancel

COBS 15.3 Exercising a right to cancel

COBS 15.4 Effects of cancellation

COBS 15.5 Special situations

COBS 15 Annex 1 Exemptions from the right to cancel

COBS 16 Reporting information to clients

COBS 16.1 General client reporting requirement

COBS 16.2 Occasional reporting

COBS 16.3 Periodic reporting

COBS 16.4 Statements of client designated investments or client money

COBS 16.5 Quotations for surrender values

COBS 16.6 Life insurance contracts – communications to clients

COBS 16 Annex 1R Trade confirmation and periodic information

COBS 16 Annex 2R Information to be included in a Periodic report

COBS 17 Claims handling for long-term care insurance

COBS 17.1 Providing information to claimants and dealing with claims and warranties in policies

COBS 18 Specialist Regimes

COBS 18.1 Trustee Firms

COBS 18.2 Energy market activity and oil market activity

COBS 18.3 Corporate finance business

COBS 18.4 Stock lending activity

COBS 18.5 Operators of collective investment schemes

COBS 18.6 Lloyd's

COBS 18.7 Depositaries

COBS 18.8 OPS firms - non scope business


COBS 18.10 UCITS qualifiers and service companies

COBS 18.11 Authorised professional firms

COBS 19 Pensions supplementary provisions

COBS 19.1 Pension transfers and opt-outs

COBS 19.2 Personal pensions, FSAVCs and AVCs

COBS 19.3 Product disclosure to members of occupational pension schemes

COBS 19.4 Open market options

COBS 19.5 Independent governance committees (IGCs)

COBS 19.6 Restriction on charges in qualifying schemes

COBS 19.6A Restrictions on early exit charges in personal pension schemes and stakeholder pension schemes

COBS 19.7 Retirement risk warnings

COBS 19 Annex 1 Retirement risk warnings - steps to take

COBS 19 Annex 2 Communications about options to access pension savings

COBS 20 With-profits

COBS 20.1 Application

COBS 20.1A The with-profits fund

COBS 20.2 Treating with-profits policyholders fairly

COBS 20.3 Principles and Practices of Financial Management

COBS 20.4 Communications with with-profits policyholders

COBS 20.5 With-profits governance

COBS 21 Permitted Links

COBS 21 Permitted Links

COBS 21.1 Application

COBS 21.2 Principles for firms engaged in linked long-term insurance business

COBS 21.3 Rules for firms engaged in linked long-term insurance business

COBS 22 Restrictions on the distribution of certain regulatory capital instruments

COBS 22.1 Temporary restrictions on contingent convertible instruments [expired]

COBS 22.2 Restrictions on the retail distribution of mutual society shares

COBS 22.3 Restrictions on the retail distribution of contingent convertible instruments and CoCo funds

COBS TP 1 Transitional Provisions relating to Client Categorisation

COBS TP 2 Other Transitional Provisions

COBS Sch 1 Record keeping requirements

COBS Sch 2 Notification requirements

COBS Sch 3 Fees and other required payments

COBS Sch 4 Powers exercised

COBS Sch 5 Rights of action for damages

COBS Sch 6 Rules that can be waived

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