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Investment Consultancy

We can provide assistance to Legal Advisors, Trust companies, Pension Trustees, Actuaries, Investment Companies and Financial Advisors who need independent investment research, and/or customised single or multiple performance analysis reports. We can also provide compliance and compliance systems development and review.

Our varied and extensive experience in all matters relating to investment management and performance allows us to provide you with cost effective and detailed investment and compliance reports that specifically cover the analysis you require.

We are able to review and comment on most investment asset classes, portfolios and funds including UK Unit Trusts and OEICs, International Offshore regulated and unregulated Funds, UK Life and Pension Funds, Investment Trusts, UK Equities, Gilts and Bonds.

Much of our work requires review of current FCA and PRA Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS), following the recent MiFID changes, to ensure compliance. If the reports we produce are then needed for marketing or product support material, we can advise as to the suitability of presentation and associated caveats needed to meet the current and future (when applicable) COBS rules.

With regard to selecting investment management companies for trust, pension or private portfolios, we can independently research investment managers, looking at their key skills and suitability to meet your investment objectives and risk profile. We can continue to monitor on an ongoing basis if required.

Trustee Services

For Trustees, we can review your existing investment managers and comment as to how they are performing against the key investment objectives and risk profile criteria that has been set. For each trust we look closely at the investment objective and risk profile and then review the strategy and processes applied by the investment manager. Only then do we comment on how the manager has performed. This includes analysis against a benchmark (or composite benchmark) when one has been agreed.

Our reviews can be as detailed as you require and could include: -

For more information on the consultancy services we provide, please e-mail or telephone us.

For a more in depth description of our portfolio monitoring please click here.

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