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Investment Research – EW Limited is a company that focuses solely on the writing of investment related Expert Witness reports assisting both Claimants and Defendants or when acting as a Single Joint Expert.

Working closely with solicitors, lawyers, and Counsel, we aim to provide reports which can assist legal professionals at all stages of a claim. With our vast experience of assisting as advisers and expert opinion on over 250 claims, we have the skills and experience to work with you and advise you as to how best to proceed with your claim. We will look at negligence from an independent standpoint regardless of whether you are acting for a Claimant or Defendant.

In virtually all the claims we have, or are asked to consider, we will start with an overview of the claim or potential claim. This includes a review of the papers you already hold and your initial instructions. We will then be able to inform you, if requested, of our opinion on the likelihood of success of your claim or defence, or whether a different direction, a narrowing or widening of the claim path, may be a better way to proceed.

For Defendants we will be up front and honest and inform you whether the claim can be reasonably defended, and if so, what actions will be necessary on your client’s part to minimise the liability.

For Claimants, we have often been able to bring focus to a claim. Where Particulars or Letters of Claim are generic in style, we can help give you the detailed analysis of the adviser’s or investment manager’s actions and show which COB or COBS rules have been breached, thereby giving firm grounds for the claim. We will also, where we find it appropriate, advise you, as the client’s legal representative, if the claim has limited chances of success where we believe there are few, if any, aspects of negligence that can be found, and substantiated, that have led to losses.

Following the Jackson reforms,  we have been asked, on a number of occasions to act as a Single Joint Expert (SJE). This time and cost effective use of an expert has proved beneficial to both parties and the court.

We are trained to produce reports to CPR 35 standard and follow the rules and guidelines laid down in the ‘Guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims'  by the Civil Justice Council.

Our reports can be advisory in nature whereby we will assist you, on a without prejudice basis, and set out both the pros and cons of your claim. We can also produce from outset, or following an advisory report review, a CPR Part 35 report which can then be used in court proceedings.

Once the Part 35 report has been exchanged, we can then respond to the other parties’ questions, work with other experts to produce a joint statement, and then if required, give evidence in court.

As is more often the case now, in civil claims, we have experience of mediation and are able to attend court or arbitration hearings if required.

Calculating quantum

As part of our service we can produce quantum valuations as to what is a likely settlement value. Quantum calculations can be produced as part of an advisory report, for use in court as part of a CPR 35 report or independently of either.  

To assist us in making qualified and supportable quantum calculations, we have access to a diverse range of current and historic investment data covering equities, bonds and indices. This includes data on investment, pension and life funds and over 50,000 market indices.

For further details on quantum calculations please click here, email or telephone us.

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