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COB rules (up to October 2007)

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APER 1.2 Purpose

APER 2.1 The Statement of Principle

APER 3.3 Factors relating to Statements of Principle 5 to 7

APER 4.1 Statement of Principle 1

APER 4.2 Statement of Principle 2

APER 4.3 Statement of Principle 3

APER 4.4 Statement of Principle 4

APER 4.5 Statement of Principle 5

APER 4.6 Statement of Principle 6

APER 4.7 Statement of Principle 7

PRIN 2.1 The Principles

COB 1 General application

COB 1.1 Application and Purpose

COB 1.2 General application: who?
COB 1.3 General application: what?
COB 1.4 General Application: where?

COB 1.5 Application to Occupational pension scheme firms ('OPS firms')

COB 1.6 Application to stock lending activity, corporate finance business, oil market activity and energy market activity

COB 1.7 Appointed representatives

COB 1.8 Application to electronic media

COB 1.9 Application in relation to electronic commerce activities and communications

COB 1.10 Application of the Distance Marketing Directive and the Distance Marketing Regulations

COB 1.11 Application of COB in relation to deposits

COB 2 Rules which apply to all firms conducting designated investment business

COB 2.1 Clear, fair and not misleading communication

COB 2.2 Inducements and soft commission

COB 2.3 Reliance on others

COB 2.4 Chinese walls

COB 2.5 Exclusion of liability

COB 2.6 General provisions related to distance marketing

COB 3 Financial promotion

COB 3.1 Application: who?
COB 3.2 Application: what?
COB 3.3 Application: where?

COB 3.4 Purpose

COB 3.5 General

COB 3.6 Confirmation of compliance

COB 3.7 Records

COB 3.8 Form and content of financial promotions

COB 3.9 Direct offer financial promotions

COB 3.10 Unsolicited real time financial promotions

COB 3.11 Unregulated collective investment schemes and qualified investor schemes

COB 3.12 Communication and approval of financial promotions for an overseas person or an unauthorised person

COB 3.13 Additional requirements for financial promotions for an overseas long-term insurer

COB 3.14 The internet and other electronic media

COB 3 Annex 1 An overview of some of the main exemptions contained in the Financial Promotion Order

COB 3 Annex 2 Contents of Enterprise Investment Scheme particulars

COB 3 Annex 3 Additional contents of Enterprise Investment Scheme particulars (Private Offer of Enterprise Investment

 Scheme Shares)

COB 3 Annex 4 Additional guidance on particular types of financial promotion

COB 3 Annex 5 Permitted promotion of unregulated collective investment schemes and qualified investor schemes.

COB 4 Accepting customers

COB 4.1 Client classification

COB 4.2 Terms of business and client agreements with customers

COB 4.3 Disclosing information about services, fees and commission - packaged products

COB 4 Annex 1 Exemptions from terms of business requirement

COB 4 Annex 2 Terms of business content - general

COB 4 Annex 3 Terms of business content - managing investments

COB 4 Annex 4 Initial disclosure document required by COB 4.3.9R(1) ("IDD")

COB 4 Annex 5 Combined initial disclosure document required by COB 4.3.9R(2) ("CIDD")Combined initial disclosure

 document ("CIDD")

COB 4 Annex 6 Fees and Commission Statement template and completion notes

COB 4 Annex 7R Identifying the maximum rate of commission (or equivalent), the market average and the example

COB 4 Annex 8 Worked example of commission disclosure in a fees and commission statement

COB 4 Annex 9 Example of a completed fees and commission statement

COB 5 Advising and selling

COB 5.1 Advising on packaged products

COB 5.2 Know your customer

COB 5.3 Suitability

COB 5.4 Customers' understanding of risk

COB 5.5 Information about the firm

COB 5.6 Excessive charges

COB 5.7 Disclosure of charges, remuneration and commission

COB 5.8 Customers introduced to clearing firms by introducing brokers and overseas introducing brokers

COB 5.9 Information about stakeholder pension schemes

COB 5.10 Corporate finance business issues

COB 5 Annex 1 Warrants and derivatives risk warning notice (E)

COB 5 Annex 2 Dealing in securities which may be subject to stabilisation (E)

COB 5A Providing basic advice on stakeholder products

COB 5A.1 Providing basic advice on stakeholder products

COB 5A.2 Disclosure on making first contact: information about services

COB 5A.3 Scope and range of advice on stakeholder products: general

COB 5A.4 Providing basic advice on stakeholder products through scripted questions

COB 5A Annex 1 Sales processes for stakeholder products

COB 6 Product disclosure and the customer's right to cancel or withdraw

COB 6.1 Product disclosure

COB 6.2 Provisions of key features or simplified prospectus

COB 6.3 Post-sale confirmation: life policies

COB 6.4 Product disclosure: special situations

COB 6.5 Content of key features and important information: life policies, key features schemes, ISA

and CTF cash deposit components and stakeholder pension schemes

COB 6.6 Projections

COB 6.7 Cancellation and withdrawal

COB 6.8 Insurance contracts: life policies

COB 6.9 With-profits guides

COB 6.10 Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM)

COB 6.11 Reporting to with-profits policyholders on compliance with PPFM

COB 6.12 Treating with-profits policyholders fairly

COB 6.13 Process for reattribution of inherited estates

COB 6 Annex 1 Decision trees for stakeholder pension schemes (as required in COB 6.5.8R): text, content and format ®

COB 6 Annex 2 Total expense ratio calculation

COB 6 Annex 3 Portfolio turnover calculation

COB 7 Dealing and managing

COB 7.1 Conflict of interest and material interest
COB 7.2 Churning and switching

COB 7.3 Dealing ahead of investment research

COB 7.4 Customer order priority

COB 7.5 Best execution

COB 7.6 Timely execution

COB 7.7 Aggregation and allocation

COB 7.8 Realisation of a private customer's assets

COB 7.9 Lending to private customers

COB 7.10 Margin requirements

COB 7.11 Non-exchange traded securities

COB 7.12 Customer order and execution records

COB 7.13 Personal account dealing

COB 7.14 Programme trading

COB 7.15 Non-market-price transactions

COB 7.16 Investment research

COB 7.17 Investment research recommendations: required disclosures

COB 7.18 Use of dealing commission

COB 8 Reporting to customers

COB 8.1 Confirmation of transactions
COB 8.2 Periodic statements

COB 8A Claims handling

COB 8A.1 Application and purpose

COB 8A.2 Claims handling: general

COB 8A.3 Duties of firms acting on behalf of policyholders

COB 8A.4 Policyholders: performance standards for handling claims

COB 8A.5 Record keeping

COB 9 Client assets

COB 9.1 These provisions have been moved to the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS)

COB 9.2 These provisions have been moved to the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS)

COB 9.3 These provisions have been moved to the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS)

COB 9.4 These provisions have been moved to the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS)

COB 9.5 These provisions have been moved to the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS)

COB 10 Operators of collective investment schemes

COB 10.1 Application

COB 10.2 Application of general COB rules

COB 10.3 Modification of the allocation rule

COB 10.4 Suitability of the portfolio of an unregulated collective investment scheme

COB 10.5 Modification of the best execution rule

COB 10.6 Scheme documents for an unregulated collective investment scheme

COB 10.7 Periodic statements for an unregulated collective investment scheme

COB 11 Trustee and depositary activities

COB 11.1 Application

COB 11.2 Relationship with the scheme

COB 11.3 Packaged products

COB 11.4 Depositaries

COB 11.5 Trustee firms which are not depositaries

COB 11.6 Delegation to a permitted third party.

COB 11.7 Record Keeping

COB 11.8 Proper advice

COB 12 Lloyd's

COB 12.1 Application

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